Fun Hut Franchise was officially launched in March’06 after having potential franchise in Malaysia. It has over 25th outlet in whole Malaysia. Our system is designed to make you money and keep your customer coming back again and again.

Gallup survey showed the success rate in between the own business and the franchise business.

Sept – Oct’97, Gallup survey show, More than 90% by the special permission of franchising say that their franchise can be considered successful or very successful. Of which 18% of people beyond the expectations, 48% largely met expectations and 24% basically meet the expectations. 2 / 3 of respondents believe that if they are create their own industry, they would not have been so successful. There are almost 2 / 3 said that If they have such an opportunity, they would buy or invest in the same franchise.

Practice survey showed the success rate of 95.5% from the joint venture, the success rate of entrepreneurship alone was 4.5%.

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