Commercial Engineering T-series commercial kitchen refrigerator

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Model                   : TT0.4L2T

Cooling Type         : Static Cooling

Sealant                  : R134a

Compressr (HP) : 0.75HP

Voltage                : 220V/50HZ

Power                 : 162W

Cooling Temperature : 0 ~5 c

Dimension          :  1800*800*800mm

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Commercial Engineering T-series commercial Commercial Engineering 

Complete copper and steel raw material with two years warrantee to compressor
Original internal and external quality 430 matte stainless steel sheet, one-piece stainless steel handle, high strength stainless steel arc overall full-stretch the door, a large circular ramp decorative panels, mechanical temperature control with digital display, energy efficient compressor

Economical and Practical; Super Energy Saving

1、Adopt D-shape piping flat evaporator for strong cooling
2、High density foaming for long life.
3、Fluoride-free high efficient energy saving compressor to cut down cost

Description of Goods

Adopt LIONLY fluoride-free compressor with COP above 1.35
●New circulation arc aspect design with great manner.
●Arc design for inner corners
●Integrated stainless steel door handle with sturdiness and durableness
●High quality glimmer cooling fan
●Temperature sensor box design
●Digital temperature controller with multi-alarms and self auto-repair functions.
●High quality dull polish stainless steel
●Heavy duty shelves with side flap
●Removable door gasket for easier routine maintenance.
●Heavy duty integrated adjustable shelves holder
●Adopt digital temperature controller with wide digital display for better temperature control.


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