Taiwan Ice Blended MAX MIXER 3P Blender- R

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 Model : MAX MIXER 3P Blender- R (Auto Change Speed)

Multi-purposes machine, able to use in both dry and wet conditions. Easy to clean and use.

-make different kinds of drinks by yourself include: soy bean drink, juice, soup, energy drink, smoothie, yogurt, shake, cocktail, sauces..etc.

●Finish one 600cc of soy bean drink in 40 seconds.

●Finish one energy drink in 60 seconds.
●Suitable for beverage store, coffee shop, energy shop, restaurant & bar and kitchen. This is a multi-purpose blender    to use in daily life.
●3HP with 38000 RPM can pulverize cell wall and release nutrients. It can also crash fruits peel, seeds, vegetable stems completely  and let human body absorb all the nutrients directly.


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